Curious about coaching? Let me share with you.


“Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations.”

— International Coach Federation

Coaching helps people like you understand themselves more deeply and develop more quickly. Coaching is a forward focused, goal oriented process committed to moving you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is a process that develops confidence, focus, and creativity. It is a trusted relationship to help you overcome obstacles and get where you have not been able to get on your own. Similar to a personal trainer helping an athlete maximize his or her potential, a personal coach can help you dream bigger, accomplish more, and enhance your performance.

As your coach, Lynne will listen to you, ask you compelling questions, encourage you, support you and help you develop an effective strategy for reaching your goals.

Coaching is a unique process that is different from other professions.  Coaching is not:

Consulting – A consultant gives expert advice and recommendations on specific technical areas, while coaching helps you discover more personal solutions.

Counseling or Therapy – Counselors and therapists focus on an individual’s psychological well-being and may spend time analyzing the past. Instead, a coach helps you look forward and move towards your goals.

Mentoring – Mentors primarily share from personal experience to help others progress within a specified field or endeavor.  Instead, coaches are process experts who help you develop unique solutions that work for your specific situation.

Coaching is also far more than having a friend to talk with.  Coaching is a focused process that increases your development, builds your confidence, and helps ensure lasting change.

How does coaching work?

Most coaching occurs over the phone.  This provides the convenience to receive coaching anywhere you happen to be.  Regularly scheduled appointments, along with progress updates and occasional homework enable maximum results and accountability for the action and changes you want to see.  Email and spot calls are also available between coaching times.

Who works with a coach?

Coaching is ideal for individuals who are committed to making intentional, positive change in their lives.  Specifically, Lynne works best with clients who are motivated to reach their full potential, live out their specific purpose, find the right career fit, as well as leaders who want to enhance their performance and achieve a lasting impact.

Ready to see how coaching can make a impact in your life?

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