“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you had a long held dream that you are just waiting to become reality?  A dream that has for so long seemed so far off?  If so, I can totally relate.

In my last post, Overwhelmed?  Just take the Next Right Step, I shared about how after 20 years of waiting, I started taking small steps forward towards my larger dream of owning a horse again with the vision of offering equine assisted learning in my coaching work in the near future. This is a dream that has been under the surface for years, but has for so long seemed just out of reach.

Well, today I want to share with you a bit more of how this story has been unfolding for me in hopes that I can encourage you to continue moving towards your long held dreams too.  

So picking up from where I left off last week, as I began to take intentional steps forward towards the goal of owning a horse again, one of my small steps forward was posting a few “In Search Of” ads on various horse classifieds sites that I follow online.  After several months of close, but just not quite, sellers suggested I consider horses spread across many of the lower 48 states. Then a seller just a few hours from me posted a horse to one of my requests that I was instantly taken by.  

Now, this may shock, or even horrify some of you, but being a Myers Briggs intuitive, (if you are familiar with Myers Briggs), I tend to make decisions, even large life decisions based on a gut feeling.  And when I saw this horse, I immediately thought he was the one for me.  However, there was a slight problem – his price.  (Isn’t that how it always goes?!)

Disappointed that things again seemed close, but not quite, with a heavy heart, I let the seller know that while he seemed perfect for what I was looking for, a rare find for sure, he was above my budget.  While it was a sad reality to face, over the past several years God has taught me the importance of holding all things with an open hand, trusting He is good, He is for me, with Him all things are possible and that He will work all things out for His plans and purposes.  

My limitations are nothing more than an opportunity for Him to show up.

With my message sent, the owner graciously responded by letting me know that while she was receiving a lot of interest, I was welcome to make an offer as she was primarily concerned about him going to a great home. Intrigued, (and not being able to stop thinking about this stunning sorrel boy) I asked her a few more questions, including his name.  Now, I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things a horse’s name probably does not matter, but here is the thing, for a Myers Briggs intuitive, details like this matter (other seemingly more relevant details to many really don’t, but a name, now that is important!) ☺  As an intuitive, I take in information based on a sixth sense.  As a Christian, call me crazy, but I believe this is one of the ways God speaks to me and gives me a peace about decisions.  That said, I asked her his name to see how it landed with me and if I still thought he was the one.  She messaged me back and said, “‘Dead Reckonin’ and he goes by Bullseye.”  

Now I’ll be honest. With how strongly I felt about this horse, I almost expected when I heard his name for angels to sing and a light to come down from heaven, but instead, I was confused.  I mean, Dead Reckonin’?  I don’t know about you, but when I am about to spend a large chunk of money on an animal I don’t really want the first word in his name to be Dead! Not only that, but usually a horses’ name is related to its breeding, so when you read the name, you immediately know it’s bloodlines. But nope, not this guy.  It seemed that the breeder totally ignored that part of the naming process and just pulled his name out of the sky. 

A bit baffled, I decided take our dog for a walk and let the whole name situation sit for a bit. As my furry friend and I walked along our usual route, it occurred to me that Dead Reckoning is an actual thing, but I was drawing a total blank as to what it was.  Returning from our walk, curious, I looked up the definition of Dead Reckoning.  And do you know what I found?  Dead Reckoning, in navigation, is the process of calculating one’s current position.  Sailors used to use this method to not only plot the route traveled, but also to plan one’s future course.  And what do you do in coaching work?  You help clients identify and understand their current reality, determine where it is they want to be, and then you plot intentional steps to move in that direction. BOOM!  And what’s more, in my leadership coaching work, I use visual tools to help clients work through various leadership principles, and what is one of the foundational tools that I almost always use with clients?  A Bullseye!

I mean seriously, what more of a sign could I need?  

Now the intuitive in me was convinced, this was the guy for me, but now the whole price thing.  And I know, all of you sensors out there are probably disturbed by my intuitive decisions making process, but hey, my sixth sense has never let me down yet.  But I digress.  With much excitement, my computer keys clicked right along and I sent the owner a lengthy message explaining my background and interest in buying a horse. Telling her I hated to even talk price without seeing him, I told her where I could be financially and just said that if she could consider it, I would love to come and see him.

Reiterating that she was most concerned about the home he would go to, she said I should come take a look.  A few days later, busting out my embarrassingly new jeans and boots, I met Bullseye and we instantly clicked.  He clearly hit every mark I had been looking for!  A true Bullseye indeed!  Both nervous and excited, I called my husband and then my mom on the drive home.  I had a big decision to make, a decision I had been waiting to make for 20 years. 

Now, I’d love to tell you what happened from there, but there are too many great details that I simply must share to do the story justice.   So stay tuned for the next post, because it might just be the encouragement you need to hear.

For now, let me ask, what long held dream is deep within you?  

Sometimes I will hear clients say, “This might sound stupid” or “I know this is probably dumb, but…”  Let me tell you, when I hear those words I hone in because I can guarantee that what they are about to say is neither stupid or dumb, rather it is likely a great clue about what God has put on their heart and is preparing them for.

So my friends, pay attention to your long-held dreams.  They are there for a reason.  As Bruce Wilkinson said in the book The Dreamgiver, “Your Big Dream has been woven into your being from birth. You’re the only person with a dream quite like yours.”  And that my friend is worth going after. 

What is your big dream?  Don’t give up on it, keep going after it. 

For you,


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