I cannot believe the day is finally here, the day I have been working towards and dreaming about for so long now. With feelings of excitement and to be honest, a bit of nerves, I am thrilled to introduce you to my new business: Lynne Raatz Coaching & Consulting L.L.C.

As many of you know, the journey towards this business launch has been several years in the making. God continues to lead me towards encouraging others to maximize their potential and to live and lead with passion and purpose; coaching and consulting with this end in mind is the next step on this journey. Specifically, I will be offering services in the areas of: Life Purpose Discovery, Career Management, and Leader Development.

What this means for you:
1. You can still expect to see frequent blog posts. New content geared towards my coaching niche areas will be woven into the blog, but posts will continue to be written from a Christian perspective, just as they have been.

2. If you are feeling unsure in regard to living your purpose, feeling stuck working in a career that does not fit you, or you have a desire to maximize your impact as a leader, my services may be just what you need!

What you can do now:
1. I would be delighted it if you would spread the word about Lynne Raatz Coaching & Consulting within your own network.

2. I would be honored if you would visit the site, www.lynneraatz.com, to see if you, or anyone you know could benefit from the services I offer.

3. Sign up on the website to get your free Core Values Assessment today, or subscribe on the blog tab to ensure you receive all of the latest encouragement and tips.

As I consider the path God has brought me along to get to this point, I am reminded of Proverbs 16:9. In this verse we are told, “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” As I move forward with this new adventure I am excited to see what God has in store and where He will continue to lead.

As I continue on this journey, I would love for you to join me!


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