Romans 12:6
“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.”

Christmastime has once again ushered in the season of shopping and gift giving. As a child, gift giving (okay, who am I kidding, receiving gifts!) topped my list of favorite Christmas traditions. When my mom placed the carefully wrapped packages for my sisters and I under the tree, I loved to tiptoe around the beautiful boxes and carefully investigate which had my name on them. I never handled the presents at length, I didn’t want to ruin the moment and have to pretend to be surprised when we opened the gifts together as a family – acting is not my thing – but just the thought of what each box might contain was thrilling.

Well, now that I am older and a parent myself, I don’t like receiving gifts nearly as much as I like giving them. I love to think about what the perfect gift is for each one on my Christmas list. For my three boys, I keep a list of ideas going throughout the year, so when the times comes, my husband Jack and I can buy them just the right presents. Seeing their faces light up when they open their gifts on Christmas morning is priceless.

As I made my Christmas list this year and began making my purchases, I could feel the excitement start to rise inside as I thought about watching each of my loved ones open their carefully selected presents. Obviously my hope is that they absolutely love what is given, and immediately put them to use. I’m sure you can relate.

So imagine with me for a minute how we would feel if when opening Christmas gifts with our loved ones, rather than unwrapping their gifts, they simply took the packages from us and without as much as a word quietly tucked the boxes away in a closet, never to unwrap, open, or use what was given. We would be confused and likely heartbroken. I mean, after all, we lovingly chose each gift specifically for them with the intention they would fully use and enjoy the gifts given. The thought of them never unwrapping or enjoying them is crazy…

While we can all relate to how hurtful and perplexing such a situation would be – how often do we do the same thing to God?

God lovingly created each and every one of us uniquely, with special gifts and talents. He designed us individually with a specific purpose in mind. He has given each of us gifts that He desires we put to use for His glory.

Have you unwrapped the giftedness God has placed within you? Have you started to enjoy it and put it to use for the blessing of others and the glory of God, or have you left it sitting unwrapped, unused, and largely forgotten about?

This Christmas, let’s purpose to unwrap, and put to use the giftedness God has placed within us. Let’s put our full gifts and talents to use to love and serve those around us and to glorify God – the ultimate gift giver.

What gift do you need to unwrap and put to use today?

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