Psalm 27:14
Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!

In last week’s post, What You Need to Remember When You Feel Stuck I addressed the topic of discouragement.   As I reflected further on this topic, I was reminded of why we can’t let discouragement stop us.  In these times we need to remember that victory may be closer than it seems.

Consider these three Biblical examples.

First, consider Joseph. When Joseph was a teenager God revealed to him in a dream that one day he would be a powerful man.  While Joseph knew in his heart what God had revealed, his life became anything but a dream. Sold into slavery by his brothers, and then thrown into prison under false charges, Joseph’s life continually went from bad to worse. Yet during that time, the Bible repeatedly tells us God was with Joseph. While Joseph could have let his circumstances get him down, he remained faithful and continued to trust in God and the dream that God had placed in his heart.

While Joseph was in prison success must have seemed like a lifetime away. What he didn’t realize; however, was that the fulfillment of his dream was right around the corner. After years of being forgotten about, through nothing short of the hand of God, Pharaoh summoned Joseph from jail to interpret his dream.  Upon the interpretation, Pharaoh made Joseph second in command over all of Egypt.  One day a prisoner, the next a powerful ruler.

Imagine with me what might have happened if the day before Joseph was plucked from jail and made second in command over Egypt he had given up. If Joseph had decided God is not faithful and that he must have been wrong about his dream. While we don’t know for sure what would have happened, it is likely he never would have seen the power of God in his life and he never would have lived out his dream.

Victory may be closer than it seems.

Next, consider Joshua. As discussed in my post What is the Need for Other’s Approval Costing You? Joshua was charged with leading the nation of Israel into the long awaited promised land. To accomplish this feat God instructed Joshua to follow the most unlikely of plans. He and the Israelite army were to march around the city of Jericho once a day for six days and on seventh day God promised to destroy the walls of Jericho, giving Joshua and the Israelites the victory. Imagine again what might have happened if Joshua gave up on day six. If he decided the plan was ridiculous and that he must have misunderstood God.  While on day six victory may have seem unfathomable, on day seven it was reality.

Victory may be closer than it seems.

Finally, consider King David. As mentioned in last week’s post, from the time David was anointed to be the future King of Israel, he had to wait over a decade to see that dream fulfilled. More so, during that time he had to flee for his life from King Saul and fight repeated battles. Think about what would have happened if the day before King Saul died (and David shortly thereafter assumed his full kingship) David had given up.  If he had decided that he had fought too long and that victory would never come.  If he had given up it is likely that he would never have been known as a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), or become King of Israel. The day before Saul’s death David had no way of knowing victory was only a day away.

Victory may be closer than it seems.

Just like these biblical examples, we too don’t know when victory may come.  If you are discouraged today, thinking that the dream God has placed in your heart will never come to fulfillment, it may be only a day away. Don’t stop where you are, keep pushing forward. Victory maybe closer than it seems.

How do you need to press forward today?  What is the dream God has placed in your heart?  Will you see it through even when victory seems like a lifetime away?

*Want to read more on these great Biblical examples?  You can find these specific stories in Genesis 37,39-50, Joshua 6, and 1 Samuel 16 – 2 Samuel 5.  Enjoy!

*If you have been encouraged by what you read today, please pass the encouragement along and share it with a friend. 

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