Psalms 143:10
Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Do you want to know God’s plan for your life? Really, do you? I know most of us readily answer that question with an enthusiastic “yes!” but could it be that some part of us actually doesn’t want to know? What if His plan looks nothing like our own? What if He asks us to go somewhere or do something that is opposite of what we want?

I was recently scrolling through my twitter feed (that sounds so trendy, don’t be fooled, I just started using it last month!) and came across this tweet,

“Until we learn how to come before God with no personal agenda, we may never discover His.”

This specific tweet caught my attention because it captured so well what God has recently been teaching me. In the past I have been guilty of believing that I have things figured out. With this mindset I would often approach God in my prayers with a narrowness of sorts. I would ask Him to work specific situations out with an end that I had in mind, almost believing that the options I presented were the only ones that should be considered.

Think about it. Life is much safer if we put God and what He might ask of us, or how He wants to work in a situation in a box.

If we predetermine that He would never require certain things of or from us we no longer have to consider them as possibilities for our life. We stay in our comfort zone when we decide that His will for us must be what we have already determined it to be and take all other possibilities off the table.

What God has been teaching me of late; however, is that His plan for my life may look nothing like anything I had imagined. With this in mind, I have come to understand that if I truly want to understand what God’s will is for me, what His very best plan includes, then I must come before Him with an open heart and mind. I need to be willing to lay aside my personal agenda and say “whatever you want Lord, this life is not about me, but about You.”

That said, the danger of routinely approaching God with a personal agenda is that we may actually rob ourselves of ever understanding what He truly wants for and from us. It will ultimately keep us from experiencing His very best.

So, while approaching God completely open to whatever He says may seem a bit scary, I have found that it is also exhilarating! God does not want us to lead boring, risk free lives. He wants us to join Him by faith on an amazing adventure!

How might you have a personal agenda in mind when you go before God? Is there anything that He might be asking you to do, or anywhere that He may be asking you to go that you have not been open to? If so, what are your concerns? How might putting your personal agenda aside and approaching God with an open heart and mind change the direction of your life?

Get crazy today and open your heart to whatever God has to share with you…begin your adventure today…

* If this was an encouragement to you, please share it with a friend. You never know who might need to hear this today.

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