Live and Lead with Passion and Purpose

You want to live your best life. You want to maximize your potential, fulfill your specific purpose, and leave an intentional and lasting legacy.

You want to understand and live your purpose

You recognize that you were created to fulfill a specific purpose, that there is a unique contribution that only you can make. You want to discover, clarify, and fully live out your purpose, intentionally living the life you were made for.

You want a career that matters.

You don’t want to settle for just a job, but rather, you want a career that has significance and is personally fulfilling. You want a career that best fits your unique gifts, interests, and abilities. You want to make your highest contribution by completing the work you were created for.

You want to be a leader worth following.

As a leader, you are not okay with good enough. You want to be a leader who others want to follow, not that they have not follow. You want to increase your influence and impact, making a positive, lasting difference in the lives of those you lead.

That’s where Lynne comes in.

Lynne offers coaching and consulting services in the areas of:

Life purpose discovery


Career management


Leader development

A focused, consultative coaching process.

Through a focused, consultative coaching process, Lynne helps clients move further and faster from where they are to where they want to be.

What sets Lynne apart of from others is her unique education and experience. Lynne holds both a Master of Arts Degree in Strategic Leadership and in Theology.

She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Certified Career
Management Coach.

Lynne also has a strong background in learning and development and previously served as an active-duty Officer in the U.S Army, an experience which greatly shaped her insight and passion for leadership.

Of all her roles though, Lynne would say her most important are being a wife and Mom to 3 active boys.

She knows firsthand what it is like to balance many competing demands on one’s time and energy!

Combining all these elements, Lynne has a unique perspective and expertise from which she can help and support you!


Coming soon! Lynne is incredibly excited to begin offering equine assisted coaching sessions. Through this special offering, clients have the opportunity to partner with horses to reach their most important personal and professional goals.

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